Corporate City Athlete

Company Kids Program

We can extend your companies wellness efforts to the families of your employees, further building healthy culture for your organization. Our Junior City Athlete curriculum is currently running in some of the best schools in New York City. City Athlete can bring this program to your company kids in a private setting.

Charity Sports Training

City Athlete Coaches provide training and clinics on fitness, nutrition, gear and injury prevention for an array of different charity based sports events. Incorporating exercise and health based charity events into a companies wellness program has multiple benefits including team building, improving company culture and highlights your companies social responsibility efforts.

City Athlete and WellBe Solutions

City Athlete has partnered with WellBe Solutions. WellBe is an innovative provider of employee health solutions, such as LocalSQR. Together, we believe that healthy employees make for driven, energetic and committed employees. We also appreciate that by tapping into the power of peer to peer support, friendly competition and "Team," we can build a healthier workplace culture that can have bottom line results.

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