Junior City Athlete

Partnership Programs

We have teamed up with Play Rugby USA to launch our City Athlete program to maximize player enjoyment and development this fall. Incorporating fun fitness tools such as agility ladders, hurdles, parachutes and slalom poles, the sessions will be high energy, challenging and a great work out that will enhance your rugby training. Year round programming will be available so you can constantly stay ahead of the game!

Private Programs

Is your child looking to take their game to the next level? Join one of City Athlete’s community programs to improve athleticism and overall fitness. Whatever the sport or training goal may be, our coaches will show measurable results and help your athlete achieve their potential. Downtown and uptown group classes are available throughout Manhattan. Private tuition/coaching is also available. Contact us now for more details about class locations, times and rates.

After School Program

City Athlete’s curriculum and program has specifically been designed to integrate fun group fitness classes, on site, after school. Our trained coaches will incorporate engaging activities that will focus on key fitness skills such as agility, speed, endurance, strength and coordination. The program is very flexible enabling us to coach safely in virtually any indoor or outdoor space including gymnasiums, basketball courts and hard tops. We also infuse life skills into the program to compliment the practical work.

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