City Athlete 8-Week Cycle.

We run our programming in 8 week blocks. We do this so we can structure the intensity changes to achieve the most benefit. Whilst training for any sport, periodized training is used to ensure that an athlete is at the peak condition before an event.

(Periodization is an organized approach to training that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period.)

We suggest 2 City Athlete classes/week in conjunction with your other fitness activities or sport to be optimal. We are always available to guide you in building the most effective weekly fitness schedule.

Our Weekly Classes.

A 4 week program (8 classes) is always the most economical and effective way of achieving your goals. We’ll actually give you 8 weeks to use your classes!

But if signing up for a program is not your cup of tea, you can always select the “pay as you go” option.

The classes will always be challenging regardless of where they are in the program. We are used to a spectrum of abilities, and we make every effort to have 2 coaches running each class to better serve you.

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